There are two parts of the Channel Islands Lottery; instant-win scratch card games that operate all year and an annual Christmas Draw with a guaranteed top prize and many other cash prizes.

Instant games

Our customers perhaps don’t realise that by playing the Channel Islands Lottery games at their local outlet, they are supporting small businesses who receive a lottery commission as part of their purchase. In the last financial year we paid over £1.58 million in commissions so becoming a reseller of tickets is not only good for your company but great for the community you serve as it raises £millions for local causes.

If you would like more information about becoming a reseller of CI Lottery tickets then please contact our Main Agents:


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Christmas lottery

The Channel Islands Christmas Lottery has been popular in the Channel Islands for 40 years. It has grown over the years and now includes a large prize fund which includes a guaranteed first prize rising from £300,000. Tickets are sold from Oct 1st and remain in circulation right up to the live draw which takes place on the last Thursday before Christmas. The draw is televised live on ITV Channel News from 6.00 pm. The draw alternates between the Islands and is carried out by senior officers from the States of Guernsey and Jersey. A person of high standing in the local community is invited to represent the people of the Channel Islands as an observer. This individual will witness the draw and ensure the draw procedure is carried out appropriately.

Winning ticket notification facility

Please visit website

How to claim a prize

Prizes must be claimed not later than twelve months after the date of issue as announced on our games page.

Scratch cards must be presented when claiming prizes. The “void if removed” panel must be present and the ticket holder is responsible for keeping scratch cards in good condition.

Prize payments Guernsey

Prizes will be paid by resellers at their discretion and at Guernsey Post Office branches;

  • Rohais Post Office for prizes up to £200,
  • Smith Street or Envoy House Reception for prizes up to £1,000,
  • and Envoy House Reception for prizes over £1,000.

For opening times, please check the Guernsey Post website.

Prize payments Jersey

Prizes will be paid by the agent and reseller at their discretion. Prizes over the value of £10 only will be paid by Treasurer of the States of Jersey.


Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Treasury and Exchequer
PO Box 353
19-21 Broad Street
St Helier
Jersey, JE2 3RR

01534 440235

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