Social Investment Fund now responsible for Channel Islands Lottery distribution of proceeds

The establishment of the Social Investment Fund was agreed by the States within the 2018 Budget Report and more recently at a March 2020 States meeting whereby a policy change was voted through and now the Channel Islands Lottery proceeds will be distributed by the fund to worthy causes and charities throughout the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The Social Investment Fund is a separately constituted body, acting as a States partner, which uses public and some private funds drawn from a variety of sources to invest in the charitable and third sector, helping to build greater partnership and joint working between the States and the charitable and third sector. Similar bodies have been set up in other jurisdictions as a way of developing and supporting the third sector work to deliver desired outcomes in an efficient and sustainable way.

The Social Investment Fund’s primary purpose is to use funds to invest in the Bailiwick’s charitable and community sector organisations.

The Social Investment Fund will work in partnership with the charitable and third sector, including third sector associations and other grant makers. The Fund will assist organisations in applying for funds; will be responsible for evaluating and approving funding applications from qualifying applicants; and will encourage public services to work closely with the third sector through commissioning and partnering models.