Durrell Zoo – More than just a ticket

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Enhancing accessibility at Durrell Zoo with £30,000 of CI Lottery funding

Jersey Zoo is proud to have taken a significant step towards becoming a more inclusive and accessible destination. The Association of Jersey Charities (AJC) has generously awarded £30,000 in Channel Islands (CI) Lottery funding to Jersey Zoo, marking the beginning of a transformative journey for visitors living with disabilities.

Jersey Zoo’s vision is to make their wildlife and learning about their conservation work accessible to all, no matter people’s physical and mental abilities. They are doing this by collaborating closely with local community members and specialist organisations. The journey started with a comprehensive accessibility audit, carefully identifying areas that required improvement. Thanks to the CI Lottery grant, the zoo is actively implementing the first phase of these improvements, which include enhanced access to enclosures and buildings, as well as flooring, lighting and ramp upgrades.

The team at Jersey Zoo is committed to ensuring these improvements are completed by the end of 2023, with several improvements already completed or in plan:

Jon Taylor, the Director and Presiding Officer of CI Lottery, commented, “This collaboration embodies the very essence of what the CI Lottery aims to achieve – improving the lives of individuals and supporting community initiatives. We are proud to contribute to Jersey Zoo’s efforts in making the site accessible to all, enabling every member of our community to connect with nature, learn about conservation and meet some of the world’s rarest animals. This initiative also illustrates the power of collective actions, showing that when organisations, communities and charitable foundations unite, transformative change can be achieved, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.”

Glynn Bower, Head of Site Services at Jersey Zoo, emphasises the importance of the ongoing work, acknowledging the challenges associated with improving and maintaining accessibility in a historical property. He says, “This initiative marks the first phase of a broader, sustained improvement campaign for the site. We want Jersey Zoo to be accessible for people of all needs and abilities so are looking at all entry and exit points, ensuring doors are user-friendly and that our ramps comply with the latest standards. We are extremely grateful to the Association of Jersey Charities and CI Lottery for their invaluable support, to help us on this journey.”

In addition to the first phase of improvement works, there are mobility scooters and wheelchairs available for hire to make navigating the site easier. If you would like to hire one of the mobility scooters or wheelchairs, just ask one of the friendly team members upon purchasing your ticket at the entrance of the Zoo for assistance.