Headway Guernsey – More than just a ticket

Every time you buy a Lottery ticket, you’re supporting charitable initiatives across the Channel Islands. Each year, our instant games contribute £2 million to empower a variety of vital causes to make a positive and meaningful difference for Islanders in Guernsey and Jersey.

£9,730 of CI Lottery funding boosts brain injury support in Guernsey

Headway Guernsey has been awarded £9,730 from the Social Investment Fund thanks to funding from the CI Lottery.

The money is funding the rent of a homely, comfortable and non-clinical hub to enable the delivery of lifeline services to over 70 people in Guernsey.

Headway Guernsey provides support for Islanders, their families and carers who are living with the long-term effects of serious acquired neurological injuries. Many of Headway Guernsey’s support services are delivered via their hub at Headway House, including group cognitive, social and independent life skills sessions every week.

During support sessions, individuals learn strategies to recover and help rebuild their lives. This includes coping strategies following their brain injury, confidence building, learning new skills, regaining lost skills and supporting each other in a confidential environment.

Brain injuries can occur unexpectedly, stemming from incidents like head trauma in accidents, strokes, assaults, sports-related injuries, brain haemorrhages, brain tumours, meningitis or encephalitis. A brain injury can have a wide-ranging impact, resulting in limited mobility, speech issues, sleep troubles, difficulty concentrating, significant memory loss and personality changes.

Trustee and Executive Director of Headway Guernsey, Philippa Stahelin, says, “The support from CI Lottery has enabled the Social Investment Fund to provide this lifeline support for our members. This funding means that we can offer a safe and comfortable space at Headway House for individuals recovering from serious brain injuries, where they can rebuild their lives and regain their independence. Our programmes are designed to empower them in regaining skills they may have lost and to create a strong support network in a confidential and nurturing environment. We are truly grateful for this funding, which helps us to make a tangible and positive impact on the lives of dozens of Islanders in Guernsey.”

Jon Taylor, Presiding Officer of the CI Lottery says, “Lottery tickets represent more than just a chance to win; they represent an opportunity to make a real, measurable difference in people’s lives through funded charitable projects. Headway Guernsey is one of hundreds of charities transforming Islanders’ lives and we’re pleased to be able to support organisations like them. The CI Lottery is committed to building a stronger community and supporting those most in need across the Channel Islands.”

Headway Guernsey also offers a “gym buddy” scheme in the community as well as a one-to-one short-term outreach service.

Find out more about Headway Guernsey and other vital causes supported by CI Lottery at cilottery.org/supporting-good-causes.