Player protection statement

Guiding principles for responsible gaming

The Channel Islands (CI) Lottery is committed to the responsible management and sale of its games while increasing the awareness of problem gambling and available treatment resources.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that the CI Lottery is operated in a responsible manner with all key stakeholders prepared to always help reduce the effects of excessive gameplay and promote safe play.

The CI Lottery is committed to maximising returns towards good causes within the Channel Islands in a responsible way. Furthermore, our main responsibility is the prevention of excessive play and safety for all players.

This policy is an important part of our overall support, working in collaboration with government departments and service providers in the development of a coherent responsible gambling strategy for the Channel Islands and its gambling sectors.

This policy sets out how we aim to achieve a safe instant gaming environment with our retail distributers and how strict responsibility guidelines aid the development of CI Lottery games so that they are safe to play. The policy aims to ensure that we have lots of people playing a little, rather than a few people playing a lot.

Our appointed game maker Scientific Games International (SGI) is aligned with the European Lotteries Association (EL) Responsible Gaming Standard and the World Lottery Association (WLA) best practice guidelines and certifications. SGI has been awarded the highest level of accreditation by the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (Level 4) which recognises its commitment to continuous improvement in Consumer Protection.

Our policy emphasis

Underage Play Prevention: Deter the sale of CI Lottery instant game tickets to people under the age of 18.

Preventing Excessive Play, promote and support positive, nonproblematic play to all players, and prevent the misuse of CI Lottery scratch card products.

Safely ensure that consumer safety is at the core of the design, distribution, and marketing of CI Lottery products, that all consumers are able to make informed choices about play and that support services information is effectively displayed.


The CI Lottery supports independent research, the prevalence survey work carried out in Guernsey through the Health and Social Care Department and studies and conferences that contribute to the wider understanding of problem gambling. Research is fundamental to improving our understanding of and approach to problem gambling


Training is key to ensuring that CI Lottery games are responsibly designed, marketed and advertised.

There is regular and ongoing awareness driven through internal communications channels with retailers/resellers.


Personal data must be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.

Public Information and Education

The CI Lottery aim is that all players and non-players can make informed decisions about Lottery games. We use a variety of platforms to reach our players and provide them with the right information about responsible gaming. For example:

All CI Lottery promotion will display the In-dependence service provisions and helpline (GamCare).Our distribution agents will be encouraged to advise their resellers and provide the information to players.

The website has tools to help players understand their playing behavior and its impact on themselves and others.

Support and Treatment for Problem Gamblers

We continue to strive to ensure that all consumers requiring treatment are aware of the options available to them by raising awareness through our communications channels, helpline colleagues (GamCare) and on our products. We engage with organisations addressing problem gambling in the UK through GamCare.

Support for Winners

As well as being a time of extreme excitement and happiness, suddenly winning a substantial sum of money can be an overwhelming and emotional experience for many people. The organisers of the CI Lottery recommend that those participants who win prizes above £25,000 seek independent financial advice