Retailer code of conduct

Standards to be observed by Resellers and their staff who sell CI Lottery tickets

The States of Guernsey rules that all Reseller contact with ChanneI Islands (CI) Lottery participants and potential participants is carried out ethically, that is, honestly, objectively and without unwelcome intrusion to Participants or potential Participants. The rights of Participants and potential Participants as private individuals are respected at all times and they must not be adversely affected as a result of being contacted by the main agent distributor Guernsey Post nor its resellers’.

That the main agent distributor Guernsey Post and its Resellers’ comply with all relevant data protection legislation. In particular, save where the States of Guernsey are legally obliged to retain information, the individual’s details are removed from the database on receipt of a request to opt-out.

As a responsible operator, the States of Guernsey promotes equality and prohibits discrimination in keeping with all relevant equality and anti-discrimination legislation.

A Retailer and its staff/employees shall:

Where authorised by the States of Guernsey, sell Tickets (including scratch cards and/or Tickets for Draw-Based Games).

Sell Tickets at the price determined by the States of Guernsey and stated on the Ticket.

Sell Tickets only at the Retail Outlet.

Request age verification through photo identification (e.g. driving licence, or passport) of persons who are not clearly 18 years of age or over.

Validate and pay all prizes as per prize payment thresholds determined by the States of Guernsey acting as operator.

Maintain its services to a standard compatible with good prudent business practice and ensure that a high standard of courtesy is exercised in dealing with CI Lottery Participants and members of the public.

Comply with and observe and be bound by all applicable laws and regulations in force from time to time, in particular, but not limited to, laws and regulations relating to health and safety, data protection, employment, anti-bribery and corruption and disability discrimination.

Comply with all rules and legislation relating to the CI Lottery. Provide the States of Guernsey, as the operator, with all necessary co-operation, assistance and information relating to any matter connected with the CI Lottery.

Co-operate and participate fully in advertising campaigns for Channel Islands Lottery products and display point of sale material at the Retail Outlet as provided from time to time by the main distribution agent, Guernsey Post and the operator, the States of Guernsey.

Comply with the provisions of any codes of practice and operation brought to their attention by the States of Guernsey.

Resellers and their staff will not:

Sell, or offer to sell, a Ticket to any person under the age of 18 years.

Validate, or offer to validate, a Ticket for any person under the age of 18 years.

Sell, or offer to sell, a Ticket unless they are the holder of an Authorisation entitling them to do so.

Sell Tickets to any person who the Retailer knows, or reasonably ought to know, is likely to resell them in the course of business.

Lend money or advance credit to any person for the purpose (or which he or she has reason to believe may be used for the purpose) of making any payment for any Ticket.

Engage in any practise or other activity which is detrimental to, in conflict with or reflects unfavorably on the Channel Islands Lottery, the ticket distribution agent Guernsey Post and the operator, the States of Guernsey, or which constitutes an illegal trade practice or unfair trading.

Make unsolicited telephone calls or other forms of direct or personal communication to encourage the purchase of Tickets.

Make any public comment about anything connected with the Channel Islands Lottery, the ticket distributor agent Guernsey Post or the operator, the States of Guernsey.

Disclose to any person other than the main distribution agent Guernsey Post or the operator, the States of Guernsey, the identity of any Channel Islands Lottery winner or any person who the Retailer is aware is entitled to a share in a prize or any information whereby the identity of the prize winner can be ascertained.

Point of Sale:

Under the terms of their reseller agreement, all CI Lottery Resellers agree to co-operate with and participate fully in advertising campaigns for the Channel Islands Lottery and to display point of sale (“POS”) material as provided by Guernsey Post or the States of Guernsey.
Each Reseller will actively and continuously promote the sale of Channel Islands Lottery tickets in line with the States of Guernsey’s responsible play guidelines.

Resellers shall:

Have available for access by Participants a copy of the latest games and games that have expired. This information is provided by the States of Guernsey and distributed to retailers through the main agent

Display the mandatory ‘18+’ message in a location visible from the POS.

Retailers shall use their best endeavours to detect vulnerable Participants of the CI Lottery and, where appropriate, provide them with information about responsible play resources.

Talking to the Participant about odds on winning or common lottery myths;

Being alert to potential risk behaviour such as requesting an entire book of scratch cards, scratching scratch cards in-store and using prize winnings to purchase more tickets;

Directing the Participant to the responsible play page available at and the helpline/s.

For confidential and free support to individuals and their families affected by problem gambling

For Jersey residents call 0808 8020 133
For Guernsey residents call 0800 138 65 22

The procedures for monitoring Retailers and the Retail Outlets

As the responsible operator, the States of Guernsey, collaborating with the distribution agent and reseller shall monitor Resellers’ compliance with each of these obligations.

This function is carried out on an ongoing basis through regular store visits by the relevant and appropriate designee and remote auditing by third party personnel in a mystery shopping capacity

The procedures for Resellers who do not comply with their obligations

Should a Reseller not follow these rules, the main ticket distributor Guernsey Post shall follow the procedures and report its concerns to the operator. The States of Guernsey has authority to terminate the Reseller’s participation in the sale of CI Lottery tickets where the Reseller has failed to rectify the breach, following 10 days’ notice in writing from the States of Guernsey